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A client service professional with a creative edge, Zac Damiani’s career in Photography has taken him to some incredible locations around the world. With an aesthetic sense honed by looking at life through the camera, Damiani adds depth and discussion to his work as he demonstrates his understanding of the relationship between people and their environment. A photography all-rounder with an unerring focus on composition and natural talent for presentation, Damiani’s visual expertise guarantees the capture and execution of the perfect moment.

This is a selection of hotspots Damiani visited over an incredible summer, in two forever-opposing cities on opposite ends of the country, a winter in North America and an epic fortnight in Asia’s most animated country. All are rich in their own unique stereotypes, you will see, through his perspective, the moments he captured as he walked, biked, trained, and Ubered through these vivacious and dynamic locations.

You’ll notice the connection between the people and their environment in these photographs as they reinforce the interaction between city and society through their daily lives and routines.

Damiani’s purpose is to show you the immeasurable scale of the cities that surround these individuals, show the intimate moments and allow you to create your own opinion and stories based upon the expression, conversation and activity that surround them.

He hopes that you enjoy his images, and helps you to find the perfect print to complement your space.